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In 2013, brothers Alessandro (@ales.florio) 31, and Marco (@marcoflorio86) 29, from Verona, Italy, started a business called iDROwash (@iDROwash). The brothers were both programmers, but grew up watching and learning about the construction business from their grandfather. They saw a lot of new builds, and destructions of perfectly good old buildings. They saw the inefficiency in this, and started thinking about how they could use their technical backgrounds and apply that to a building’s longevity. iDROwash is a unique technology that allows refurbishment of buildings, sidewalks, parks, and all sorts of surfaces.

They are based in Italy, but receive requests from all over the world. At the world exhibition this year in Milan (@expo2015milano). iDROwash was selected by the Italian government as an example of innovation and environmental sustainability.

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Fonte: www.cemag.co